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“What is Contemporary Art,” by Terry Smith is an article that addresses the question of what is the true definition of “contemporary” “art”. Smith begins by explaining that contemporary art is not a particular movement within a specific art period. But rather an,”institutionalized network” where art is presented globally and is constantly changing. Contemporary art is defined by what is current, new and fresh.  Although contemporary art is a “new” and up and coming idea of art, it does not have a common theme, and thus may seem “periodlessness.” Contemporary art has a wide range of mediums, styles, concepts, and artistic approaches.  Consequently it makes it very difficult to categorize what this movement is even about.  Also to consider about contemporary art, is the fact it is happening globally.  Therefore, there is no local but a world wide influence within the arts.  Giving everyone an opportunity to create something original.

I feel that most artists wish to create art that is different from what we have previously seen in history.  And because of this anything an artist creates is considered to be contemporary. In my option, I believe that contemporary art is something that will never be given a particular theme and ot will never leave.  I think that with our world continuing to change at such a fast pace, we will never have a  static  art movement. Art, in my option has become a competition for what is new or what has not been thought about.

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  1. I agree that contemporary art will never be given a particular theme, however, I disagree with your assertion that we will never have another static art movement. I feel that history is a recipe for the future, and that we will again see a unifying trend common to the art of today once we progress past the present. This is consistent with the idea that history is only visible to the future. The example that comes to mind is the music of the classical era. Artists never saw themselves as all having a unifying theme distinct from the baroque. This difference was only discerned from the eyes of future generations.

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