Nell Pollak Intellectual Profile

  1. I am currently a junior with a studio art major with an emphasis in photography. I developed my interest in photography very early on and continue my exploration of the medium and the elements it has to offer. As an ardent traveler, my main focal point in my artwork relates to people and their culture. Some of my best works in the field were just recently displayed at a photography exhibit in Florence, Italy; where I spent my last semester studying abroad. Along with photography, I am very interested in the history of world art. I hope to integrate and progress my previous knowledge of art history from past studies and from my experience abroad in this class.
  2.  An exhibit that I recently attended that I was extremely entranced by was the World Press Photo exhibit in Lucca, Italy. This was an exhibit of very graphic, controversial photographs from all over the world from 2011. I was deeply inspired by the content and the quality of these photographs. I do not think I have ever in my life been so captivated by any artwork as much as some of these photographs. is one of the winning photographs as the exhibit)Quite honestly, the last book I read was a textbook for school. Although the book was an assigned reading for school, I found it very interesting. The book is titled, “Etruscan Life and Afterlife: A Handbook of Etruscan Studies,” by Larissa Bonfante. I found this art history book especially interesting because I haven’t really heard much about the history and culture of the Etruscan people prior to this read. Also, I got to see many of the ruins and sites that were discussed in this book while abroad for the semester.
  3. Besides art, I am an ardent traveler, an outdoorsy person, and a horse enthusiast. I have combined all of these interests together for the past couple summers as I have worked at a dude ranch up in the mountains. I work as a horse wrangler. I get to ride horses all summer, meet new people, be outdoors all day, ever day and travel on my time off. It’s great!
  4. I am currently not committed to any specific blogs but I have recently joined the trendy world of twitter. I have recently found myself checking my twitter on the regular. I also am a huge fan of stumbleupon.
  5. Just recently I was abroad and was fortunate enough to visit the sites at Pompeii and Herculaneum. I was extremely impressed by these two sites. Similarly these sites were both small cities that were destroyed from the natural disaster of Mt. Vesuvius. I was particularly impressed with all the archeological evidence that has been discovered from both places.
  6. I find this article about technology’s relationship to computer hacking interesting. It is true that world is becoming more technologically advanced and that is evident in this article.
  7. The idea of photography shifting from the film world to all digital has always been of interest to me. Again with the advancement in technology, as mentioned in my earlier answer, has affected me tremendously as an artist. I continue to explore film photography but am more interested in digital photography because of the trend. More opportunities in the digital realm are becoming available.
  8.   I have been to both the Denver Art Museum and BMoca Boulder. One group of work that particularly stood out to me was at the Denver Art Museum. There was an exhibit on Native American Art. I was particularly interested in the pottery and work of the Hopi tribe. I found their work very unique and conceptually beautiful.

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  1. I am envious of your travels, and I can’t even begin to imagine all of the images that you captured! It sounds like you make sure to give yourself plenty of opportunities to combine all of your interests; I think that’s great.

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