Alexandra Engelhardt Profile

1. I started at University of Colorado @ Boulder as an Architecture Student. After two years, I transferred my major to Humanities concentrating on Art History and Architecture. I have taken painting classes since early childhood, and still paint when I find the time.

I am very passionate about film studies as a hobby. I edit and direct short films/interviews/music videos. I am an avid documentary watcher and attempt to view at least one weekly. After I graduate, I hope to begin making my own documentaries in my spare time.

I enjoy most of the books I read for humanities, but on the side there have been a few that I connected to the most. I enjoy all reading by the Bronte sisters. Namely Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. Ernest Hemingway is another author that I enjoy, specifically The Garden of Eden and The Sun Also Rises. I read a lot of metaphysical books, and the one that I recommend as a quick read is Many Lives, Many Masters.

I greatly enjoy culinary arts, interior design, and metaphysical studies. I hope to study all of these more in depth one day.

When I am not studying or working, I can be found snowboarding with my friends, or hiking with my husky, Prince, and/or my boyfriend, Ben.

I am a huge fan of a website called Life Lounge. I check this website multiple times a day to see the latest talents- whether it be in the fashion, photography, music, design, or technology fields.I have a current collection on my computer of dozens of my favorite art.

Here are a few random pieces that I saved:

Ivo Mayr Anti-Gravity Photography

Adam Batchelor illustrations: “His thought-provoking artworks deal with the unsettling reality of Western consumer culture’s reach and influence.”

Fab Ciraolo Surreal Mixed Media Collages

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