Andrew Davis Intellectual Profile

1. I am currently pursuing a BA in Studio Arts here at CU Boulder. I am a Colorado native and since a young age, music, art and other forms of creative expression occupied my time. I play several instruments and dip my hands into a variety of media. I have primarily focused on Painting and Drawing at CU, but within the last year I have found a desire to create sculpture. It is my intention to spend the rest of my time at the university utilizing the wood and metal shop to grow as an artist.

2. A series of work that has recently inspired me is the balance art of Michael Grab. A Boulder local, Michael Grab creates freestanding rock balances that embody the unique color, form, and balance opportunity of each rock he uses. Michael Grab describes the experience of rock balance as  “…an intimate poetry of energy and form, birth and death, perfection and imperfection.” Calling his art “Gravity Glue,” these unique sculptures are visually stimulating, balance defying, and inspiring to local artists and community members alike.

3. I recently read “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman. This fiction novel embodies a unique blend of Eastern philosophy and Western aspiration to describe the life of Dan Millman and his journey for spiritual and material happiness. This book personifies contemporary struggles for happiness and describes through the main characters experiences ways in which people can positively change their own lives.

4. Besides art I enjoy stretching other aspects of my creativity. I enjoy playing, listening, and seeing live performances of a variety of music. As a musician I am still a beginner when it comes to string instruments but I have played the drums for many years. I enjoy snowboarding, skateboarding, and spending time outside in the beauty of Colorado. I am addicted to rocks….. Rock climbing is a slight obsession of mine. Any activity that involves both metal and physical skill is probably of my interest.

5. As a novice blogger I don’t keep up with too many blogs. Along with the rest of my generation I check my facebook daily but don’t keep up with too much else. From time to time I check up the band Tool’s blog at I browse daily, as well as visit several different artists websites for inspiration and new art. I regularly visit,, to keep up with a few of my favorite contemporary artists.

6. The occupy movement has been a contemporary struggle voicing the concerns over America’s obsession with profit and greed in hopes to reshape and lead society in a democratic, sustainable, and cooperative direction. The non-violent protest against cooperate greed has sparked national attention and participation of lower/middle class citizens. I find it very discouraging how corporate wealth profoundly influences all our lives. It’s seemingly impossible to imagine a world without mass production to support the ever-growing population… But it is my hope that somewhere in the near future we can successfully find a sustainable happy medium.

7. I recently read in the Colorado Daily an article discussing the banning of GMO crops in Boulder, CO. As a supporter of sustainable processes and healthy eating I found this article very inspiring. I have recently strived to maintain a healthy/decently raw diet avoiding the consumption of meat, besides fish, and other processed foods. I find the processed western diet disgusting and am inspired by Boulder’s ability to support sustainability and healthy lifestyles.

8. A Quote By Alex Gray continues to inspire me. “The infinite vibratory levels, the dimensions of interconnectedness are without end. There is nothing independent.”

I’m no astrophysicist… but the miniscule amount of matter in which humans can physically perceive, mentally digest, and technologically discover, in relation to the infinite expanse of the universe, hints at the boundless possibilities of existence.

9. On a recent visit to the BMOCA I recall seeing an artist who sloppily explored the relationship between geometric and organic forms. I do not recall the exhibition or the artist’s name. But I was inspired to create similar work in a more perfectionist manner.

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