Ashley Ludkowski- Intellectual Profile

1. I am currently a senior earning a double-degree in Journalism and Studio Arts. I absolutely love the power words can have, as well as visual explorations without words. Journalism and art have led me to a wonderful exploration of the art world as well as providing me with an understanding of how to work with and explore the lives of others, then share those insights with the community through reporting. I truly enjoy both areas of study very much so. 

2. I was just in New York City and went to numerous fair’s for working artists. I always enjoy this type of scene because there are so many innovative ideas. From clothes and jewelry to postcards and seat cushions, there is quite an array of items. Most of the individuals at these shows are working with completely personal ideas and looking to share their great discovery with the world. I love quirky little items, which makes up a lot of what can be seen at these shows as well. It is always a fun and impressive place to explore and see what new ideas people have dreamt up and executed.

3. Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favorite authors. His fiction book The Sirens of Titan is an incredible adventure with enticingly brilliant twists and turns. Located on numerous planets and during numerous periods of time, the plot becomes a constant exploration of the universe. Each character possesses an interesting lifestyle, which end up mingling quite perfectly in the end. Traveling between Mars and Earth, a man named Rumfoord and his dog Kazak enter a phenomenon called chrono-synclastic infundibulum. Materializing in many different locations, Rumfoord and Kazak play a vital role in a universal war that soon becomes of the universe. Because I definitely recommend this read to everyone, I will hold myself back from further explanation as it is much more exciting to hear the story unfold through Vonnegut’s words and not mine.

4. Outside of art I absolutely love yoga, writing, traveling, photography, and feeling good. My second degree of Journalism fulfills my travel and writing interests quite well. I enjoy the endless options it provides. Practicing yoga is a major part of my life as well. Currently working to become a yoga instructor, I believe that interest will be fulfilled by the end of this summer.

5. I personally am not involved with much online blogging. I enjoy music and photography blogs. I have a tumblr for my own photography that is connected to my online portfolio so I will admit I should explore others more often. But I do not have a blog I review on a regular routine.

6. Born and raised in Chicago, this is where I travel to when it is time to depart from Boulder and visit the family. As with most places, Chicago sports are a huge part of the culture of this city. I really only know Chicago sports, as I was raised there and don’t care to follow sports outside of actually attending games. Yet, every time I enter the United Center for a Blackhawks game, I am incredibly impressed. After winning the Stanley Cup in 2010, the Blackhawks have become one of the most exciting events for the citizens of Chicago. Extremely lucky, my father has unbelievable season seats right behind the penalty box. As I was home a little over a week ago, I got to attend one of these exciting games. All the way up to the very top tier, every seat is taken. Costing almost 100$ from the nose bleed section, you know this has got to be good. The overwhelming excitement from the fans is electrifying when the players hit the ice. Lights and music are so well choreographed to get the energy up, people are literally jumping out of their seats. Being so close to the penalty box, I can even overhear the players. The men on the ice are so completely involved with the game it is amazing all these fanatics right outside the glass don’t seem to interrupt that often. Occasionally you will get the intoxicated nut who does something radical, but it only provides more entertainment. These games bring so many people together and are important to such a vast population, it is truly a cultural event. The Blackhawks are a huge part of Chicago culture. From my viewpoint of taking this experience much less serious than others there, it really impresses me how entering into the doors of the United Center on a game night is like entering into surging electricity inside a toaster with a giddy little kid eagerly waiting for his strawberry sprinkled Pop-Tart he is sneaking when his Mother is not home – quite thrilling and fun.

7. A regular BBC reader, I quickly scanned an article last week that seemed to baffle me a bit. There was footage found of US Marine’s essentially urinating on the corpses of Afghans. I understand this is very disturbing and utterly disgusting so to say, but for some reason it does not seem to be such a pressing issue to me personally. I understand an incredible amount of other disturbing actions have been seen during wartime, but urinating seems to become such a big deal and I want to know why when other disturbing things are happening that we never hear of. As a journalist, I know the US is often seen extremely different and in a negative light from news reporters outside the US as compared to US media, which may have a reason this video/article was front page news. I was simply quite surprised to see such a big deal made over this video when it is probably one of the least dishonorable actions that those involved with war have committed. But of course, majority of what happens citizens are never informed about, so if this is what the public is disturbed by, imagine if they knew the full truth.

8. “Don’t let school interfere with your education”

9. Last year I attended BMoca’s open art exhibition. Any artist can apply and sell their work at this exhibit. All different kinds of media, as well as interactive art, were there. One piece I really enjoyed was an eyeball that was painted upon a textured piece of metal about 6 feet wide and 4 feet tall. The eyeball was floating in a sea of clouds that rolled across the textured surface so well, all I wanted to do was dive in. The size further enhanced that sensation as I felt I could easily fit my body into this pool of clouds. I am not sure of the artists name, but it was a piece I will definitely remember.

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