Camille Paley- Intellectual Profile

1. I am a Junior and my major is Art History. Up until the end of my Sophomore year I was an Integrative Physiology major, but I decided to change my major to pursue a path that I have always been extremely passionate about. I have always loved painting, drawing, and learning about art. In the future I hope to work in a galleries and museums and possibly continue my education in order to become a museum curator.

2. Over break I visited the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and found the Lichtenstein and Monet Rouen Cathedrals truly memorizing. The juxtaposition of Lichtenstein’s Pop Art paintings and Monet’s dreamy impressionist paintings really captivated me. While the two artist’s pieces were separated by nearly 70 years their depictions of the cathedral mirror one another. For both artist the visual representation of the Rounen Cathedrals serves as the focus of their work; Monet draws attention to the way light hits the crevices and details of the structure and Lichtenstein applies the constitutes of Pop Art to allude the omnipresence of this monument.

3. Over break I read On the Road by Jack Kerouac. Even when Kerouac and Cassidy were living in such a repressed society, they found the freedom to express themselves and see the beauty of America at the time. The stream of consciousness writing style was unique and truly immersed me into the hardships and happiness of the travels Kerouac experienced. I highly recommend this novel and hope to read more of Kerouac’s books and poetry.

4. One thing I love about living in Boulder are all of the outdoor activities. Growing up my family took my siblings and I camping at places like Kings Canyon, Joshua Tree, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Park. I try to hike regularly in Boulder whether it is at the Flatirons or exploring trails I find in North Boulder.

I also enjoy snowboarding at all of the great mountains in Colorado. I try to drive up to Summit County a few times a month. I have been to almost all of the mountains in Colorado but I am still dying to go to Telluride and Wolf Creek.

5. Overall, I am not very familiar with blogs. I recently was introduced to a band called Odd Future or OFGWKTG and have been regularly checking their blog. It keeps me updated on their music, photos, and concerts dates. The members of the rap group are all in their twenties, they produce all their own music, carry a unique style, and have their own record company. The group is not influenced by anything than their own experiences and they do not conform to mainstream hip-hop music. In addition the band creates their own music videos.

6. On New Years I went to a festival/ concert in Orange County called TAO (Together as One). The events consisted of thousands of people gathering at a huge park to listen to electronic and dubstep music. I use to be extremely opposed to these types of current music because I felt as though it did not require a lot of talent to produce. Attending this event made me realize the skill and patience that goes into using these different types of machines to create this contemporary music. While many people do not want to give this innovative movement a chance, I believe it is defining our generation’s music.

7. One article I read recently that really intrigued me was an excerpt from “Work (From the Philosophy of Andy Warhol).” Warhol discussed his beliefs on what he calls “business art.” Three factors that define business art are it has to be invested in and circulated, it works to please the consumer above all else, and it involves a branding or consumptive affect. It was intriguing to come to the realization that so many contemporary artists are influenced by the same social and economic conditions to which Warhol responded. In many ways, the obsession with pop culture in mass media has become even more prevalent.

8. I am a huge fan of Bob Dylan and I find his music so valuable because of his insightful poetic verses. My favorite line is from his song “It’s Alright, Ma.” In his folk ode he says “he not busy being born is busy dying.” This excerpt really inspires me and I try to apply this notion to my life. To me this means sometimes having to abandon theories of logic and follow what I believe will make me feel content at the end of the day.

9. When I visited the Denver Art Museum I vividly remember seeing the installation Fox Games by Sandy Skoglund. My initial reaction to this spectacle was a feeling of playfulness and a child-like wonderment. When I analyzed the piece in more detail I realized how eerie it actually was; the suspended monochromatic foxes and the way some of them slyly lurked around the circular tables. I also found the tedious arrangement of all the elements in the installation impressive.

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  1. Camille,
    Good for you moving on from the burdens of study to free yourself with a passionate subject. I would assume this took a lot of courage. It often isn’t easy to commit to the path of the heart! Its neat that you read Jack. I like Beat Gen Writers. If you haven’t already I suggest you investigate Gary Snyder. Same generation, however his later works are subject to less drugs, Buddhist insight, and deep ecology!

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