CRybarczyk – Intellectual Profile

1) I enjoy studying philosophy, history, astronomy, math and so much more. I especially enjoy researching  art history and studio artists of all mediums, though ceramics is my favorite.

2) Marvelous Mud displayed ceramic art from all around the world and through the ages, including Overthrown, a sub-exhibition which displayed contemporary Colorado ceramic artists. I really enjoyed it and found it impressive because it was ceramic art only, rarely done by galleries and museums.  It was nice seeing the wide variety of ceramicists working in Colorado.

3) The Analects and Slaughterhouse-Five.

 The Analects is a collection of the words and teachings of Confucius. It is a great philosophical read and gives plenty of things to consider. It definitely isn’t something to speed through and throw aside, like many books. Although it is short and is easy reading, I think one needs to take a moment to consider every few lines of text because it is full of wisdom.

4) Logic, math, science, law, board-games, hiking, badminton, chess.

5) None, I dislike blogs.

6) People still think Tim Tebow is something special. Hopefully after some more training he will be, but I’m not convinced. I was impressed by this cultural event, “tebowing,” and such, to be especially entertaining because Tim Tebow is not a very good quarterback.

7) The Onion is fun to read, most newspapers are not. I found this entertaining because it’s true.

8) “What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others.” – Confucius, The Analects.

One Response

  1. I like your thoughts on Tim Tebow. I too do not understand the fascination with him but he’s everywhere. My friends will do this thing called “Icing” where if you find a Smirnoff Ice in your house (usually planted by someone else), you have to chug it then hold the Tim Tebow stance.They will do this in public places as well. Its funny but I don’t get it.

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