Danielle Tomasetti

1. I am senior getting a Mathematics degree. I am also really interested in Sociology and Psychology classes.

2. I went to an exhibit a few years ago at the Denver Art Museum that was of old 60’s classic rock posters from old concerts and bands.  It was so cool to see the psychedelic posters. And another added bonus of the exhibit was a section where you got to take clips from some of the posters and create your own “rock poster.” I still have mine hanging on my wall :)

3. The last book I read was The Help. I really enjoyed it and read it very fast over winter break.  I then watched the movie and was very pleased with how it followed similar to the book, which rarely happens.

4. Besides art, I love music and going to concerts and listening to any type of live music and dancing along.

5. I don’t really check any blogs. Last semester I participated in a mandatory blog for a class, but that is it.

6. The best cultural event I have experienced lately was a show I went to a few weeks ago. It was Sound Tribe Sector 9 and it was at the Fillmore Auditorium. The light show that coincided with the music was so memorizing and beautiful.  The lights flash to the beat and change colors with the changing music. It was an amazing spectacle.

7. The last article I read was in the newspaper and it was about the jazz bar, Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge in Denver. It was a review of this famous jazz bar and it really enticed me to want to go and experience it for myself.  Jazz is not necessarily the type of music I am interested in, but the atmosphere of this place sounds awesome.

8. A phrase that has recently inspired me was one that was on a card my mother sent me, “God has a purpose behind every problem.” Now I am not a super religious person, but this phrase inspires me in school and in life, that even if something bad happens, there is a reason for it and something good will come later. I think this quote is very encouraging.

9. I have been to the Denver Art Museum many times, but the exhibit that sticks out to me the most is the one I discussed in question 2.

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  1. That STS9 concert was incredible one of the more fantastic shows I have seen at the Fillmore!!

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