Intellectual Profile

1. I study Art History, and I am specifically in love with Mesoamerican and Pre-Columbian art. Specifically the Aztecs, Olmec, Inca, and Mayan art works. I find Mesoamerican art the most fascinating because we know so little about it. This also makes it frustrating. The cultures are  so different than today, and this makes the subject matter so interesting. I also am a sucker for Impressionism, but isn’t everyone? Who doesn’t want to stand in the Lingerie in Paris and stare into the paint of Monet’s Water Lilies? I did.

I also love installation art, I strongly believe that installation art and street art are a necessity for every neighborhood in America. Go Banksy, go.

2. My favorite museum, which includes it’s exhibits, is The Gardner museum in Boston, MA. I cannot choose one exhibit, and ignore that this is not my favorite. Isabella Stewart Gardner was an AMAZING collector of art, and her house is one huge exhibit. My favorite Sargent work, El Jaleo, 1882 is on the first floor to the right. I think I included a photo in this post. There was also a very famous art theft that occurred on the third floor. One of the only known Rembrandt seascapes was cut out of its frame along with 3 other paintings. They still have not recovered them!! So that place is pretty much amazing. Oh, and there is a court yard in the middle where I can imagine Isabella sitting and drinking tea among her ancient statues, and exotic plants. Thats the life.

3. I read “Room” by Emma Donoghue. It is about this little boy who grows up in a room with his mother. We find out that the moth was kidnapped when she was younger and has been in the same room for eight or so years. It is told from the little boys perspective, and it is wonderful.

4. My main interests is electronic music, and every aspect that goes with it. I love other types of music too of course. But, not country.

5. I don’t really check blogs that do anything other than have to do with music.

6. While I was studying abroad in Rome last semester, I went to a dance and acting performance that a local dance school put on. It was in Italian, but the kids were really talented, and they had been working on this for so long.

7. I have been keeping up with the SOPA bill, and I am so happy that it is over, maybe. I have been reading about the “Anonymous” group who is hacking into websites, like the white house site, and shutting them down. They are new age rebels, and so interesting. Facebook could be shut down any day, forever, awesome. And SCARY!

8. I went to Rome, and lived there and ran by the Colosseum every day. Being near such immense architecture, and being surrounded with possibly the most well known artist’s works in all of history was truly breath taking. The Trevi Fountain by Bernini is incredible, and I feel like we might never live up to what the Romans accomplished in art. We are obsessed with enphermal art, and art that will never last thousands of years. For some reason these things have lasted and lasted, contemporary art wont. It will be in the book, but you cant grasp it. Don’t get me wrong, I do like some contemporary art, and it is ok that it wont last forever. But it is eye opening to see art that has lasted, and will continue to last and influence artists for future generations.

9. I just went to the Denver Art Museum , and my favorite piece there is Sandy Skoglund’s, “Fox Games”. IT IS SO AWESOME. You get absolutely lost in the world of grey foxes and roed tables set with bread, bowls, plates, forks, knives, you name it. It is like you are in your childhood dream land where nothing matter except the foxes and you. You are observing another dimension of play and intensity. The color red chosen is intense and vibrant, and the grey perfectly contrasts. I could almost meditate in that work. Melt your thoughts and worries into the work. I think that this is important, art therapy.

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