Intellectual Profile- Kathryn Anderson

  1. I am a Psychology and Studio Art major.  I have always wanted to become an Art Therapist and work with children.  I have a focus in ceramics.  I love working with clay and molding it into anything that I can imagine.  Psychology always forced me to analyze and think about the different way that people function, especially children.  I think they are an extremely unappreciated population.  I am looking forward to combining my passion for art and psychology.
  2. I really enjoyed the exhibition at Grounds for Sculpture  called Creating Steel Roots.  This public park is a 42 acre playground for artists in New Jersey.  They have different exhibits come through and different sculptures from all over display their work their.  The reason my visit to the GFS sticks out in my mind so much is because of its location and energy.  As you are walking all over the land you find your self-discovering little niches of collections all over.  Having the outdoors as the backdrop for the pieces really adds an element of cleanliness to the pieces.  I can focus on the piece because everything around it is natural.  There are no distractions taking me away from what I am trying to look at.
  3. Well to be honest I do not get a chance to read outside of school that often and when I do it is usually some kind of a cook book.  I latest cook book that I have gone through is called, Home Made by Yvette Van Boven.  The book breaks up the types of food into seasons.  When the best time to eat certain meats with certain veggies is and so forth.  I really enjoy how she tells you why she discovered the particular pairing she is presenting.
  4. My main interests besides art are organic farming and food, knitting, and psychology.  I really love cooking, which could include freezing, dehydrating, sautéing, baking, steaming, and more.  I think that people’s moods energy levels and overall well being all directly correlate to what they eat.  I love knitting because I find it meditative and really fulfilling.  I like to watch the progress and see how the piece develops.  Psychology allows me to interact with other people better and even understand some of my own feelings better.
  5. 5. I am always on food blogs.  I have been a vegan for the past year and am extremely passionate about cooking a high quality organic meal for myself and anyone that will share it with me. Foodgwaker collects all of the best recipes from all different blogs and puts them into one place!    Another blog that I check regularly is The Second Kitchen this is the food buying club that I run here in boulder with 5 other girls.  We have organized a wonderful community around food.  I am always on this website placing orders, making updates to our calendar, and reading the amazing blog written by my friend Emily.
  6. I am from New Jersey.  My brother just decided to transfer here from Skidmore College in New York.  We decided to drive from NJ to Colorado.  We made one stop in Chicago to get some sleep and see some family and than kept on our way.  The reason this was a cultural experience for me was how much of the country I saw and how the landscape and social environment changes as you drive westward.   Most of the drive was on the high way but each state was slightly different from the last and it was interesting to see how things changed from the very populated east coast with green trees and many more vehicles to Nebraska with rarely any cars and nothing to see ahead but road.  Even the way that people drive changes as you move west, it just really shows you how different people are without even getting out of the car.
  7. 7. So with yoga being an “it” and popular must work out routine for all of Boulder to participate in I found this article very interesting.  I was impressed by the way that it challenged the idea that yoga was good for everyone check out How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body
  8. This might sound really elementary but one of my art teachers was talking to me about note taking in class and what  she thought the best method was for her.  She explained that drawing a line down your paper leaving a margin on the left side creates a space so after class you can go back and write down a story or fun fact to help you remember that portion of the notes.  Teacher gives anecdotes during class that are meant to help to associate the memories with the knowledge they are presenting to you but there are not notes in the outline for that.  No one has ever given me that advice before and it really has helped me this first week of class keep my notes organized and I feel like I started the semester off right.
  9. 9. I went to BMoca a couple weeks ago for the open wall art show.  I was really impressed by the idea that anyone in the community who wanted to share their art could.  I love the idea that there does not have to be a huge art opening or an artist does not have to be famous or well known in a community to share their work.   It also felt good to see friends art up on the walls.

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