Intellectual Profile Kevin O’Hara


I am a senior currently in the BFA program in the Drawing and Painting department.  I do most of my work with traditional oil paints or graphite but also work in mixed media projects and short films.

I compulsively consume culture specifically internet and nerd culture, I disassemble and analyze it then recombine our shared visual language to convey my own ideas.  After graduating I plan on pursuing an MFA and a career as a contemporary artist.


This isn’t really an exhibition but I found this presentation by the contemporary artist Cory Archangel to be exciting, interesting, and encouraging as an artist struggling with similar topics.


I am currently reading Vitamin P(painting) and Vitamin D(drawing) both books are collections of contemporary artists.  I am also currently re-reading The Complete Sherlock Holmes, I love the character of Sherlock and I’m constantly surprised that I still find century old mystery stories still engaging in our jaded age.


Outside of art I’m interested in other intellectual pursuits; science, history, philosophy, politics etc.  I’m very interested in modern culture and spend lots of time watching movies and TV, playing games, listening to music, and discussing all of the above.  I also love being outside and getting as far from society and people as I can.


I try to check relatively often, other than that I tend to use to crash around the internet until I find something interesting.


The creativity of Shea Hembrey’s project to create 100 fictional artists and host his own biennial of their work really impressed me.  The creativity, dedication, and work ethic blow me away and his ability to have fun with his work while also making quality art is inspiring.


The last article I can remember being intrigued by was on a science news site, the topic of the article was the high intelligence of Octopi.  The article discussed how Octopi evolved their intelligence what they use if for and the interesting manifestations of their apparent brains we have observed.  I find the idea of such an alien intelligence fascinating.



Really great comedy comes from a place of truth and often sadness.  This is very much the case for the late great comedian George Carlin.  I find that his personal philosophy fosters a detached perspective that is extremely useful as an artist and as a person.  He says for true artistic freedom that you have to “be here for the show” and to give up hope, not in your personal life, but hope that this whole thing is going to work out.  Carlin said many funny and intelligent things and I highly recommend looking into his comedy and philosophy.


I’ve been to the Denver Art Museum but not the other two.  There is a painting in the western art section of the museum that is fairly large, and depicts mostly a large blue sky with a horizon of fields of tall green grass.  This is my favorite work in the museum, I grew up in a rural Colorado town and love big sky and open country, I think the artist captured the experience very well.



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