Intellectual Profile (Margaret Corcoran)

  1. I am currently double majoring in Business and Art History. I enjoy the logic that goes along with Business and I like to let my creative inspirational side flow with Art History.
  2. In October I travelled to St. Louis for a wedding and was able to go to the St. Louis Art Museum to see the Monet Exhibit. The exhibit was quite overwhelming with the mass amount of beautiful pieces that hung from floor to ceiling. 
  3. Over winter break I read Guardian of Lies by Steve Martini. It is a fictional thriller novel that I could not put down for the two days it took me to read. I am not much of a reader, but this book took many dramatic turns just a few pages in and I was hooked instantly.  The story follows a young Costa Rican woman who has relation to a lost Russian solider from the Cold War era that was responsible for keeping a nuclear bomb concealed for the rest of his lifetime.
  4. At 6 AM you can usually find me out at the Boulder Reservoir rowing for the Colorado Crew team. Rowing is a tough sport but I have found the rewards to indescribable.  I am also an avid fisher-woman and work at a fly-fishing shop part time. My favorite places to fish are the Caribbean, British Columbia, and on the Muskegon River in Michigan.
  5. In the last few months I have begun to read a lot more blogs. I regularly check some Olympic rowers blogs such as:  I also check most of the sports blogs that ESPN posts.
  6. Over winter break I went on vacation to the Turks and Caicos Islands just northeast of the Bahamas. I was there for New Years and seeing the native island tradition of the celebration was awe-inspiring. There were massive parades through the downtown areas and along the beaches with elaborate costumes and musical instruments.
  7.  ‘What it was, was football’ was an article I read that stayed on my mind for a bit. The article discusses college football, from the success to the revenue that it brings universities. The topic of favoring and lending a ‘helping hand’ to student athletes is also pondered. I am able to relate to this article because it talks about my peers and I have some friends on the football team in which this has a direct effect on them.
  8.  I have been thinking lately about the quote “Knowledge is Power”. For a long time I thought that I was going to college because it was just part of ‘the process’. It starts with K-12 and transitions to moving out of your parent’s house and going to college in pursue to graduate in four years and start a job in the real world. I have come to realize that college is one of the greatest opportunities I have been given and that instead of just rushing through my time here, I should take advantage of every learning offer that is in front of me.
  9. Last spring I went to the Denver Museum of Art and I remember seeing a small sculpture of a tiny man made out of Styrofoam. I thought the piece was so neat and organized yet complex because all of the little pieces had to be glued together.       

One Response

  1. Margaret,

    I worked on that Monet exhibit in St. Louis! I’m so excited to hear you enjoyed it!


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