Intellectual Profile // Taryn Strong

1.  Music, art, design, history…  I have spent some time in all these areas of study and found that music and art are passions, and design and history are two things I can never learn enough about.

2.  I am fascinated by the Bauhaus movement and when I learned that the Vance Kirkland museum has several pieces on exhibit from Bauhaus masters I had to go!

3.  I love reading, anything goes.  My most recent personal reading choice has been Helter Skelter; I started reading a book called Role Models by John Waters and got completely sidetracked in one of the chapters about Leslie Vanhouten.  The Manson murders, though famous, aren’t something that I knew too much about and I found the story of Leslie Vanhouten shocking but captivating.  I have found Helter Skelter to be a difficult read, as it can be quite grotesque, but I also can’t put it down because I am amazed at what people are capable of.

4.  Outside of art I have several different interests; music, I would say, has been my favorite thing since I was a small child.  I grew up singing and tried my hand at almost every instrument imaginable; I stuck with singing because it came easiest to me…which I now regret having only half-commited to guitar and piano.  I am very interested in philanthropy and I think this is something that remains close to my family as well.  My family is part of a charity, Blue Star Connection,  that puts musical instruments in the hands of children with terminal illnesses and there is nothing better than to see those children start a network of support and FUN between each other.  I also am an outdoor enthusiast and I love adventures and anything unplanned; I would say I have a gypsy heart and my biggest desire it to just have an adventurous life.

5.  I must admit that there aren’t any blogs I check regularly.  I do read my best friends fiances blog from time-to-time, but not often.  It has been something that has interested me and I am glad this class is “teaching me the ropes” (so to speak) of blogging.

6.  I worked in the ski and snowboard industry for some time and the recent death of professional skier Sarah Burke has really made an impact.  Most people know the miracle of Kevin Pierce and many of us hoped that Sarah’s story would be the same.  There are incidents in life that always remind us how precious life is.

7.  I read an article about two nurses in Utah that taped the mouth of a patient shut.  I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the title…until I realized it was real!  I found it pretty discomforting to imagine myself, or a loved one, going into the hospital and being considered a nuisance and having my mouth taped shut.  I’d say it’s pretty appalling.

8.  Something that has challenged my intellectual knowledge over the last few years has been neurological degenerative diseases; my mother was diagnosed a little over 3 years ago with a rare disease and these neurological degenerative diseases are incurable.  My entire family has had a crash course in some aspects of medicine, and we are constantly learning about alternative therapies and ways to treat this kind of disease.  It’s not necessarily the way I would have liked to expand my health knowledge, but I am glad that perhaps I can share it with others who may have need in the future.

9.  I have been to the DAM on a few occasions and to this day “Fox Games” by Sandy Skoglund sticks out in my mind.  It was unlike any other exhibit I had been to before and I fell in love with how whimsical it was.

2 Responses

  1. Hey Taryn, I think your profile is really interesting :) I am also very fond of the Bauhaus movement- I will definitely have to check that museum out! Fox Games is one of my favorite exhibits as well. Best wishes for you and your family through such difficult times.

  2. Ahh the bauhaus movement… Im curious to see some of your artwork based on your interests discussed in your profile. Do you enjoy creating abstract work as well?

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