Lucas Grund Intellectual Profile

1.     What is your major and when will you be graduating. Do you have specific interests in art history?


I am a studio art major with emphasis on drawing, and I will be graduating this December. As far as my art history interests go, I’m not too into the older stuff aside from really old (Early Greece and back) art and I am not too into about half of the more modern stuff but there are quite a few gems in there. I am looking forward to the Clyfford Still museum, I’ve never seen his art but it seems really interesting from what I have seen.

2.     Why are you interested in the topic of the class?

I have had little to no exposure to most contemporary art in my schooling thus far, and I thought it would be very enlightening .

3.     Have you written a research paper before? How long? Did it include endnotes and bibliography? Have you ever used Norlin library for your research?

Yes, I have written a research paper before, it was 10 pages and it included both endnotes and a bibliography, however I did not use the Norlin library for it.

4.     Which books did you read of late (art, fiction, non-fiction)?

I am currently reading (for fun) the Terry Pratchett Discworld series in sequence (I’m about halfway through) with intermitten spurts of jules verne, no art books of note, and I recently finished reading a translation of the Nihon Shoki.

5.     Which artist really impresses you? And why?

Well that is a tough one… there are so many to choose from, from different periods and I can say they cannot really be compared. I admire each of them for different reasons. If I had to choose I would say Ingrid Siliakus. Why? Well, I would have to say the intricacy of her sculptures which can stand despite their flimsy material origins. They are quite captivating to me and I could look at one for hours and keep seeing something new.

6.     What are your main interests besides art?

Computers (I actually make a living off of building and maintaining them for companies as a consultant,) circuits and all things incredibly nerdy… for example… and I’m reluctant to admit this, Board games like Agricola Carcassonne and the like but none of those silly ones like monopoly or sorry. A splash of 3D animation (as in DreamWorks or Pixar, I actually have a 3d animation certificate from a prior school.)  And again, something I am reluctant to admit, a moderate interest in interior design.

7.     Which blogs do you check regularly?

Absolutely none, I have never had any interest in blogs, guess I’m an old fashioned young person.. Hah

8.     Which cultural event has really impressed you lately? This can be a museum/exhibition, a concert, or anything like that, but also a sports game (if you consider this a cultural event for which there are good reasons). Or anything I am not even thinking of … Again, tell us why.

Ah. This is something I don’t know if I can answer. I am a moderately introverted person, something I despise about my personality and constantly wish to fight but miserably fail. I have not been to a cultural event in quite some time, I think the last time was a trip to the Denver art museum, but that… it gets old seeing the same stuff over and over when you do it practically every year, it rarely changes. Before that… The zoo? I don’t know. As for why… well I guess that was most impressive because I don’t normally go to cultural events, not even concerts. If I go really far back, a year or more, I could say Cirque Du Solei since I took a trip to Las Vegas about that long ago, but the more impressive part was camping for a week in Death Valley. That place is just plain awesome. If you haven’t been there, go.

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