Terry Smith Post

In this article, Terry Smith describes contemporary art, where it came from and where it’s going. It is obviously very difficult to define, but multiple attempts were evident. Smith states that contemporary art is a piece of art the aims to challenge or question the definition of art itself, which can come in many forms. Since contemporary art has such a wide variety of appearances and effects, there are no specific factors or traits that characterize it. The word “contemporary” can be synonymous  with the word periodlessness. The contemporary movement didn’t start at one moment or from one source, so it hasn’t exactly evolved or dissolved, only grown.

Another definition that the article stated was contemporary art as the product of the exchange, combination, reaction, etc. of artistic ideas. Therefore, a piece that blends styles or genres or nationalities could certainly be considered contemporary art. The definition of contemporary art has expanded so far that some think it will encompass all artistic styles of the future. Also, there have been so many past influences to this style that it is now basically any piece of non-traditional art.

I believe that contemporary art is an ongoing competition for originality. Since the ideas of the past are constantly piling on top of each other, the gaps between them are constantly shrinking. It has led people to experiment with not only different styles or mediums, but different presentations, contexts, and levels of social acceptability. However, I do think that arguing over the definition of a style so enormously broad is somewhat futile. Does it really affect the meaning of the piece by how it is catagorized? Will someone like or dislike a piece more if it’s “contemporary” or not?

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