Extra Credit- Mark Rothko- Color Actors

In class we learned that Mark Rothko’s paintings were color fields in which liquid paint soaks the canvas.  It was said that it is as if the colors in his paintings are actors on a stage performing.  The piece that I’ve chosen to examine by Mark Rothko is Untitled (Multiform) 1948.  In this piece a musty golden yellow color acts as the stage and background.  Splotches of white dim the “show” as if to add a sense of softness or stage light.  A block of purple thrown over top of different shades of orange, pushes itself toward the front of the stage as if fighting for the attention of the crowd, compared to its warm and bright stage mates.  A deep red orange block towards the bottom of the canvas draws the eye and thrusts it upwards towards the rest of the painting.  This piece is in balance overall.  The color scheme of oranges, yellows, and reds mesh well together.  The purple just adds pizazz to ensure something out of the ordinary, puzzling, interesting, and visually pleasing.


One Response

  1. I just wanted to mention that the little orange block to the left of the purple presence looks like a face to me. A devious little…thing. For some reason it attracts all my attention. I was curious if it had this same effect on anybody else.

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