Katie Hitch Intellectual Profile

1)I am a Film and Art History major.  I adore making and watching movies. Some of my favorite filmmakers are Jan Svankmajer, Gregg Araki, John Waters, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Harmony Korine.

I enjoy stop-motion animation, collage/ found footage movies as well as live action. When it comes to making my own movies, my aesthetic approach to filmmaking is comprised of fast cuts, macro shots, stop-motion animation, dramatic color schemes and lighting (often emphasizing contrast), oddball humor, strange costumes, and usually eccentric themes. With art history my favorite movements/styles are surrealism, romanticism, outsider/visionary, and land art. I am also fond of art with gothic, macabre, and grotesque themes.

2) I really enjoyed the Tim Burton exhibition at the LACMA in California. Every last detail (including entryways, and exits) were covered with something Tim Burton-esque. This really helped pull the audience even more into the world of Burton. I also appreciated watching some of his old movies he made when starting out. This exhibit was brilliant not only because of the sheer size, but because of all the sketches/paintings that the public never gained much access to before.


3) To be honest, I haven’t read anything substantial lately.  The last book I read, The Pet Semetary, was over winter break.  It ended up being a pretty entertaining story! After I read this Steven King book I couldn’t stop pondering over the idea of reincarnation and ancient burial grounds. I am currently switching between reading The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Cloud Atlas.

4) One of my main interests is film. I hope to weasel my way into the film world and work as a set/art director and special effects makeup person. I am also interested in perfume and the making of. I hope to get an internship at a local perfume shop that specializes in making personal fragrances. They also sell essential oils, which I buy to make my own scents! I also like insects, anatomy, bones, beach glass, kewpie dolls, specimen jars, and exaggerated gore.

5) The blogs I check are kind of weird and embarrassing. haha Whenever I’m bored or just want to view mind numbing images, I check gothic fashion, insect, lesbian, and cult/horror movie blogs.

Here is a link to a couple of them:



6) Hmm I can’t really think of anything good. This October I went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show live showing, which was a blast. Basically, there are actors who perform in front of the movie while the movie is playing in the background. During the show people yell out various phrases dealing with the movie, and the audience interacts with the actors.  The best part about seeing this movie in a live setting is the costumes. Most people dress as a character from the movie, or in scantily clad outfits.

7) I read a short article about this artist who injected herself with horse blood in order to feel more like a horse. You can watch a little clip on it, in the link below.  When I discovered this article I couldn’t believe the extreme risk that she took for the sake of art. However, I do respect her experimentation.


8) I recently reaserched articles that merge the art and science world. While doing this, I discovered something I never knew existed, which is Bioart. This form of art uses living tissue as a medium and is rather controversial.


Another article and Tedtalks I recently discovered is about an artist/scientist Jae Rhim Lee who is in the process of making a mushroom death suit.  This is an alternative burial process that uses mushrooms to decompose dead bodies and clean the toxins and deliver these nutrients to plants.

Watch the Tedtalk! It’s fascinating!

9) I have been to the Denver Art Museum and the BMoca. I still haven’t made it over to the MCA Denver, but I plan on doing that soon! There was this one art work by Sandy Skoglund called Fox Games, that I really enjoyed. After seeing this work, I googled her other art and liked it even more!

2 Responses

  1. Hey Katie, you have some pretty awesome responses! I really want to check out those blogs you mentioned- anything weird is intriguing to me too haha. I am so jealous of you for seeing that Tim Burton exhibition, I bet it was amazing. I’d also love to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show live. I’m pretty sure we’ve met briefly before, you’re friends with Stormie right? Cool profile though! :)

  2. I am also am jealous of your ability to see the Tim Burton exhibition. My roommate was in NYC while it was there and I sent him there just to get close to it. A lot of people aren’t even aware of his early works in film, sketches, and other art. It was an amazing view into beyond the surface of what we know as Tim Burton.

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