Lindsey Cannon

Lindsey Cannon

Talked to Kira and Nicole. I’ve done the assignment on time!!

1. Give some basic information about your studies and fields of interest.

I have always been fascinated with art and the affect it has on our culture. Whether it has resulted from current issues or the internal/external influence, it enables individuals to produce an expressionistic visual to society. That is why I chose to become an Art History major. The outdoors has always been my sscape. Growing up in Colorado has blessed me with so many experiences, especially in the Juan Mountains. I define myself from my childhood surroundings of Telluride, Colorado. I live for skiing and the unexplainable feeling of being exposed on those cragged peaks.

2. Describe an exhibition that you like or found impressive. Tell us why. Please provide a link to a wesite, if possible.

One of my most memorable exhibitions was at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, France. Louise Bourgeois is simply fantastic, even though most of her work speaks out in a grotesque, unsettling form. Bourgeois was primarily known for producking sculpture that emphasized the surroundings of home and the protection factor of that location. She also focused her medium through the sense of fear and loss, which is clearly expressed throughout her carrier as an artist. One of my favorit pieces was Spider, 1997, which is one out of a series of sculptures that is dedicated by the influence of her mother and is in response to her death. This piece is connected to not only sculpture and past relation, but provieds an identity through the description of writing athe comparisions between human and arthropod.

3. Which books did you read late (art, fiction, non-fiction)? Pick one and go into detail about it.

Savage Summit by Jennifer Jordan is a true story about five women who climb to the top of K2 of the Karakorum Range in Pakistan. This is an amazing book because it proves that women are capable of climbing the Savage Summit, which is probably the most difficult climb in the jworld. Sadly all five of these women die on the expedition. Although only two reach the summit. this book provides a heroic story of women battling against the sexist mindset of mountaineering and masculinity. This book particulary resonates with me because this is a dream I have of exploring the ranges of Pakistan, India and Nepal.

4. What are your main interests besides art?

Backcountry/resort skiing, hiking, trail running and cooking!

5 Which blogs do you check regularly?

Mountain Babes Exposed!

6. Which cultural event has really impressed you lately? This can be a museum, a concert, or anything like that, but also a sports game (if you consider this a cultural event for which there are good reasons). Or anything I am not even thinking of..Agian, tell us why.

I love keeping up with the FIS World Cup stadings in Freestyle Moguls. I am slightly obsessed wtih this sport because it has been apart of so much of my life. I keep up with this particular sport because my friends and past competitiors continue to still challenge their selves. I also used to compete in moguls for twelve years and was on the United States Development Team for three years of my carrier. I have respect for this sport based on the fundamental and disciplinary tools it has provided me off and on the hill.

7. Please describe briefly an article in a newspaper or a magazine that got you thinking lately. Readingonline is fine, and waht you introduce here does not have to be about art. If the repective article is available online, please lin to it!


Current tests have proven that smoking marijuana improves lung health. It is a healthier habit than smoking cigarettes. This is only limited to one joint a day, which ijmproves lung capacity and function. Studies found that user’s smoking twenty joints a month decrease in levels of lung capacity. This is interesting study that was tested by the University of California in San Francisco.

8. Please share with us a thought or an idea that really widened your intellectual horizon. Again, this much not be limited to the visual arts. If possible, give a sourse for this idea so that others know where to go to if they are interested.

I would have to say that my friend’s blog is truly inspiring. It’s about women getting elevated and exposed in the mountains. This is what motivates me and connects toward living a healthier lifestyle. It even has an artistic spin documenting women on top of mountains naked!


9. Have you been to the Denver Art Museum, MCA Denver and BMoca Boulder? Describe one art object or a show you remember seeing.

I have been to the DAM, but have not been to the BMoca in Boulder. I love going into the Western American Art section at the DAM. I enjoy walking through this area because it shows a different look of the western front and the past expanse of landscape and culture. I respect the environmental visual each artist chooses to portray through their culture.

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