Mark Rothko Extra Credit-Romney Smith

Mark Rothko, “No. 3”

The piece I am examining on Mark Rothko is No, 3, 1949. As we learned in class today, Rothko’s paintings are “performing drama” and the “color fields are actors on stage.” This statement is relevant in this particular piece, as he uses a pink background with white thick lines and a large black rectangle for contrast. There is also a green thick line and a purple line at the top. All of the colors are placed together so that they compliment one another and are pleasing to the eye, yet they also each hold their own as if each color represents a unique character. I personally do not usually like abstract pieces that are just a few swipes of color because I feel that it is quite easy to do and not unordinary, a 5 year old could create works like his. However, this particular piece stands out to me, maybe because I like the color scheme or just the calming feel it brings upon my eyes, but I would actually hang this piece in my home.

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