Mark Rothko Extra Credit- Ryan Shand

Red, Orage, Tan and Purple 1949, is another amazing painting done by Mark Rothko that I had the chance to study after our discussion in class today. We had the chance to discuss the vast and vivid colors that are created across the canvas in Rothko’s work, and the expression of energy that is shown in every painting. It is clear that in Rothko’s work there is an immense about of tense that is present, even more so then in Newman’s work. Most of his canvas’s are show vertically, which is much different then most other artists and it expresses a much more upright, confronting point of view to the audience. Rothko describes his work as, “actors on stage, performing drama as well as the notion of tragedy and the transcendental”, it is clear that their is an extreme amount of drama that is being create, and it becomes more interesting as we view his paintings as actors, as colors dancing across the canvas. In this specific painting that I viewed, the colors of red, orange, tan and purple create a vivid yet serene kind of landscape. The colors mold together and form this drama that he talks about and you can view each different color as a different actor making each part of the painting that much more interesting. In these works he creates a very real, alive piece of work that allows the viewer, the audience to enjoy and appreciate his work that much more.

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