Nate Goodman’s Intellectual Profile

1. I am a super senior currently running my first victory lap. I am a Studio Arts, Art History, and Ecology/Evolutionary Biology Major(s). My studio arts tend to focus on Ceramics. I am more or less a purist in the materials sense.

2. I was fortunate to see the Richard Serra at the Olympic Sculpture Park  in Seattle, Washington, an adjunct facility to the Seattle Art Museum. I  am a Serra fan and it was truly amazing experience to be in space controlled by his work. The way one must enter the space and is forced to move around the art is truly amazing.

3. My reading has been fairly watered down lately. I made a new years resolution to read a book of leisure every two weeks. I hope I hold to it. The last book I read was by Scott McMillion called the Mark of the Grizzly. The book examines case studies of grizzly attacks. It speaks to the value of nature, how humanity is pushing it out, and how we must work hard to preserve what is left and at the same time put a cap on our ideas of Manifest Destiny.

4. Besides art I enjoy immersion in the out doors. I enjoy Backpacking and camping in secluded areas. The Maroon Bells, and the Lost Coast (long walks on the beach ; ) ) were my two most recent favorites. My passions tend to lie in masochistic activities that promote suffering. Ice climbing, Climbing Cracks and Back Country Snowboarding top this list.

5. ARTH3539-001

6. Obama signing the national defense act impressed me. As if our freedoms are not limited enough, now any American citizen can be held with out means to expedient trial? can one say unconstitutional?

7. I do not read magazines or newspapers…

8. The most intellectually stimulating statement I have heard recently is “All of life shares a common descendent” This was most recently read in “Plant Systematics” by Simpson, however this appears in most Biological texts.

9. I appreciate Historic Asian Art, specifically religious objects of sects of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, etc. I enjoy Yamataka Lord of hell. I like the black stone he was crafted from, and his hollow red eyes. I feel the wrath he can unleash, and to be quite honest, I am a little afraid even though he should help me to thwart demons and break through my ignorance!

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  1. Hope you do stick to your resolution! The book you are reading sounds really interesting to me; I completely “nerd out” on Discovery channel or animal planet with things like that. I too am a fan of all things outdoors: being outdoors and educational shows and what not.

    Interesting post :)

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