Shayna Weingast Intellectual Profile


1)   I am a senior film studies and art history major. With film, I am studying theory and criticism rather than production. I will be graduating in May and I plan on attending graduate school in August, ideally at NYU in the Tish program for Cinema studies

2)  A recent contemporary art exhibit that impressed me is the Talk to Me exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. It was an exhibit that examined the way technology influences and dictates our everyday lives. The show was full of very futuristic gadgets, video installations, communication devices and popular cultural artifacts. This completely interactive exhibit allowed you to scan QR codes and tweet about what pieces you liked or didn’t like. As technology has come to define our generation and age, this relevant exhibit highlighted the importance of adapting in the “age of information.” By elevating technology to the relm of high art, MOMA has created an art exhibit that is sure to change, yet again, our cultural standards for “what is art.”

3) Most recently I read “The Virgin Suicides” by author Jeffery Eugenides. I am writing my honors thesis on Sophia Coppola, who in 2001 adapted this novel into a feature film. I was curious to read the book both to examine the ways in which the novel and film are different and similar to one another and to engage with the text as the primary source for her first feature film.

4) As I’m sure I have made obvious in this post, my other main interest besides art is film. As a critical studies major, I thoroughly enjoy studying film as a serious medium mean to convey the thoughts and ideas of the filmmaker and his team. I am also extremely interested in the way art and film intersect and I have loved combining my two passions throughout my studies at CU. I am also very interested in fashion and popular culture. I am also an avid reader and I enjoy writing poetry and short fiction.

5) is the blog that I check most regularly. I also check fashion blogs, such as, and I also read the Los Angeles and New York Times film blogs very regularly.

6) This past weekend, I attended the Sundance Film Festival. Although this is an annual cultural event, I was blow away by the power and drive of the independent film industry. Park City was flooded by thousands of people genuinely interested in seeing movies that were made outside the Hollywood studio system. Every film screened at Sundance is hoping to get a distribution company to pick up their film and assign a release date within the foreseeable future. Although only about 1/3 of the films at Sundance will find distributors, the spirit of the independent film industry is just as strong as ever, despite our troubled economic times.

7)  Although not really “hard news,” I found this article on the use of the ‘f word’ in pg-13 movies very interesting. This article discusses current films and their use of the ‘bad language’ and how much certain curse words are used. Beginning with the Hollywood studio system, there were strictly enforced production codes and how much swearing, violence and sex could be in a movie. Now, the standards for what is ‘acceptable’ to show in a film has changed dramatically, and this article highlights and explains this phenomena poignantly.

8) I am extremely interested in the shifts that have occurred in art in the 20th century. Beginning with the modernist movement at the turn of the 20th century, art, and the standards for what is considered art, came into question in a way it never had before. I am interested in all art of the 20th century, and I have not taken a true contemporary art class before. I am extremely interested in examining this movement and the way in which it has shifted our perception of “what is art.”

9) I have been to all three museums. Recently, I attended the Fred Sandback exhibit at the MCA and wrote a short paper on his work for Kira’s class last semester. I found this exhibit to be both engaging and extremely challenging. The entire museum was taken over by this post-humus minimalist installation of string. The string engaged the space and challenged my notion of what I consider “art.”

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