Intellectual Post Madison Dye

1. I am an art history major and i am also interested in photography and sculpture.

2. My favorite exhibition that i have seen was Dale Chihuly’s “The Nature of Glass” at the Desert Botanical Gardens in phoenix Arizona. This exhibit consisted of huge glass instillations commingled with the desert botany of Arizona. The way Chihuly combined the colors and textures of his glass with the stark plant life was baeutiful. The flowing glass interwoven between the Yucca and saguaro cacti made for a very interesting aesthetic exhibit. Although it is no longer going on in Arizona, he travels around the country displaying his work.

3. The most recent book i read lately was Patti Smith’s book “Just Kids.” This book is an account of Patti Smith and how she found herself through her incorporation of poetry and rock and roll. She meets so many inspirational people along the way including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Robert Mapplethorpe the famous photographer. This book was so interesting because it goes into detail about the lifestyle of many New Yorkers of the 1950’s and 60’s and how creative and encouraging everybody was. I would definitely recommend this book.

4. One of my main interests besides art is cooking. Both my mother and my grandmother are chefs so cooking has always been a family oriented activity that i really enjoy. I also like hiking, camping, and just being outdoors in general.

5.  I am new to the whole blogging scene and there are not any blogs that i check regularly.

6. An event that impressed me lately was my visit to Peru to hike Machu Picchu. It was really interesting to be in a different culture and experience how they live for a month. Everything there is so laid back and very different from the way Americans live their lives, constantly on the go and always worrying about the next thing they need to complete. The people we met in Peru were content with whatever it was that they were doing at that exact moment, and they werent always trying to get in touch with somebody else, they were content just being with whoever they were with right at the moment. This was really impressive and eye opening for me because it taught me to just be happy with whatever it is that youre doing and to really live in the moment.

7. There isnt really one specific thought that has widened my horizons. I think that combining everything that you are told and taught and deciphering between those facts which ones you agree with and which ones you dont is what can widen your intellectual horizons.

I submitted this post a few days before it was due but i didnt categorize it and it is floating somewhere on the world wide web so i am resubmitting it now.

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