Intellectual Profile: Lucy Eyears

Intellectual profile: Lucy Eyears

I am a sophomore here at CU and my main fields that I am interested in are Painting and Art History. I am very interested in Art History and I have loved all the classes I have taken pertaining to it. I am a Studio Art Major and taking different classes to find my niche. I love painting, I am in a Painting class this semester and learning more and more about art as I go on. I personally really liked the Clifford Still exhibition. I found it very informative and I loved all of his work including his early work. His work created a different perspective for me and I learned a lot more about the time frame of art in the 20th century. The last book I read about art was my American Art History book. I took it last semester and I found it very interesting. I enjoyed reading about how art has evolved over years and how society has shaped too it. Besides art, my other main interest is music. I am very passionate about music and it has also helped me broaden my horizons in art class. I find it helpful while I am in school weather it’s a stressful or careless day I am always listening to something. This blog is the only one I check, I am very new to this process and still trying to keep up!

A cultural event that really impressed me was museum of modern art in New york City. I find this museum fascinating and I am always wanting to go visit whenever I am there. There is always something new to see and learn and I find it pleasing whenever I go.

An article I found interesting recently was an article on Andy Warhol. It was an article I found online through my American art class however I love reading it. I find Andy Warhol a very interesting artist and it talked about his work and how he created a new movement of art in America. The article is very informative and it helped me get an idea of what he started.

An idea I have for widening my intellectual horizon is a visual aid in lecture. Not just slide shows but movie clips or anything that is visual. Being a visual learner this helps me the most and watching dialogue and seeing other settings would help me learn through contemporary art.

I have been to the Denver Art Museum, an art object I remember seeing was a red room with red walls and it was a dining area with wolves all around it. It stood out instantly to me however I did not understand it. All of the red was very bold and the setting was unique. I have never forgotten it because it was so different to me.

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