Lauren Roberts – Rothko? Guess Again!

I stumbled upon this photograph titled Collected Horizon #2 by Christopher Paquette. I was immediately reminded of Mark Rothko’s color field paintings. First and foremost, Paquette’s photograph and Rothko’s paintings are abstract. They create an environment, pulling the viewer in and use color the same way that actors interact on a stage. The imbalanced horizontals cause tension, which makes this photograph visually interesting. I can feel the weight of the dark grey area at the top of the photograph pressing down. Similarly, Rothko was a master of using color relationships in his paintings to create tension and release that the viewer can experience while being totally consumed by his work.

One Response

  1. What an amazing stumble! That is very reminisent of Rothko’s paintings. What site did the picture come from? Is it said that Rothko influenced this piece or do you think it is your keen eye for art history that caught it? You left me with so many questions!

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