Robby Gomez’s Intellectual Profile

I am going to have a lot of fun with this assignment, so I hope the people that do read this profile will enjoy themselves in the process.

1)  I am a senior at this great university, and I have many areas of interest, but only one major.  I am majoring in Anthropology with an emphasis in archaeology.   I love studying the past and how ancient civilizations lived and died.  Although I am an anthropology major, I almost went to music school at CU Denver.  I have been playing the drums for 11 years and it is probably the most defining thing about me.  I am very active in live music around the Denver area.  I love studying art history and have taken many courses in it before at other colleges.  Besides art history, I love studying astronomy.  I would love to be an astronomy major but i am extremely bad at math…which is a good thing I am an anthropology major.

2)  The first art exhibit that comes to mind would be located at the Denver Art Museum.  The Asian art exhibit really impressed me not only because they had many different collections from many different countries, but also the history behind these pieces is really incredible.  They had ancient Indian art dating back hundreds of years, which really rocked my boat.  They also had a display case of Tibetan Sand Art which was really amazing to see in person.  The Chinese ink drawings are my favorite aspect of Asian art, which I find completely beautiful and unique compared to classical western art.  I wish that Asian art was taught more in art history classes, because the unique style and cultural aspects of Chinese ink paintings really describes their historical culture which goes back thousands of years.  If you have not been to the Denver Art Museum, and judging alone by the course you probably have, i highly recommend it.

3)  Oh this will be one of my favorite questions of the profile.  Honestly, I have not read much for fun in my adult life.  Only a couple of books here and there.  As of late, I have completely lost myself in a series of addicting fantasy novels.  The series is called A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.  If any of you have HBO, I’m sure you have heard of this series.  It has become immensely popular since HBO made a series out of it, which is how I came across these books.  When I do read novels, I usually don’t read fantasy.  I have tried that with Lord of the Rings, which I found completely boring.  I also tried reading Harry Potter when I was young but could not finish the sixth chapter.  When I started this series, I checked out the first novel, A Game of Thrones, from the CU library just in case I thought it would be like the previous books.  I absolutely loved it and now I am on the fourth book called A Feast for Crows.  The reason why I like these novels is because they are fantasy novels geared towards adults.  There are many complex, adult themes that Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings lack.  Also, among many of the brilliant characters, it is hard to tell who are the protagonists vs. the antagonists.  The author is not afraid to kill off main characters which will infuriate his readers.  These are very dark novels but extremely well written and very entertaining.  The most that I will say about these novels is that they are medieval fantasy novels that focus on the viewpoints of several different characters that are knights, queens, bastards, dwarfs, noble lords and their kin, and exiles.  I highly recommend that you pick up the first novel and read away, you will not be able to stop yourself from turning the pages!

4)  My main interests besides art are music and anthropology, which was stated in the first answer.  Besides academic interests, I love the outdoors and exploring new places.  I am convinced that Utah is one of the most beautiful states.  I camped in Moab and completely loved it.  I felt like I was on Mars.

5)  The only blogs that I have been checking regularly are sports blogs since I love most sports.  Lately I have been reading NFL blogs since my brother writes them so I can keep up with the most current NFL news since I do not have cable television….go netflix!

6)  I will have to write about a concert since I have not been to any sports games or exhibits lately.  My favorite show that I have seen this year was performed by an artist known as Mimosa.  I saw him at the Filmore on Halloween, and he completely impressed me yet again.  This was the eighth time I have seen this youngster and his music is a big part of what I have been listening to recently.  He was my first electronic concert and before I went I had not even heard of him.  8 shows later he is one of my favorite artists and live performances.  This show he only got better.  The thing I love about this guy is that he keeps creating new music during tours which is not released, so the whole concert is mostly new songs I have never heard before.  His style is really unique among this electronic renaissance that is dominating Colorado.  He mixes break beats, hip hop, reggae, and other styles into his music, and his live performances are filled with high energy the whole show.  I would definitely check him out if you haven’t heard of him.

7)  This question will be really hard to answer since I do not read magazines are newspapers.  Most of the reading I do is for school, and when I’m not reading that, I am reading the fantasy novels I described above in the fourth answer.

8)  This is a hard question for me, but the only thing that pops up into my head is the website reddit.  I have been a member for 6 months and I think it is the best website on the net.  I know that is a pretty strong statement, but it is the most addicting website and you can really learn a lot just from visiting the site every day.  This is a website where people post things to reddit, and only the posts with the most upvotes reach the front page.  Many of these posts are funny, either being pictures of text messages of even an excerpt from yahoo questions, but people also post things that are going on in the world such as politics or interesting facts.  It is also a great place to look for art since a lot of members post their artwork and photography.  It is similar to digg if you have visited that website.

9)  I have been to the Denver Art Museum as well as BMOCA.  I loved both museums very much and have described an exhibit from the Denver Art Museum in a previous answer.  I’m sure while taking this class, I will visit them soon again.

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