Bay Area Figurative Movement (Nicole Avant)

I have lived in the Bay Area my entire life.  Due to this, my Art History class in high school focused on the Bay Area Figurative Movement, which happened in conjunction with Abstract Expressionism.  I wanted to talk a little about this since it was mentioned in class on Tuesday.  The Bay Area Figurative Movement began in the 1950’s and originated from the idea of going turning away from the non-objective and returning to the figure.  In this style he painting were still abstract, and painted with expressionistic style, but there were elements of realism like a human figure involved in most paintings.  Although the paintings often contained elements of realism, the way they are viewed is more as a still life.  I was taught in high school that the emergence of the Bay Area Figurative Movement signaled the decline of Abstract Expressionism and the return of certain realism to art. Prominent artists in this movement were: Joan Brown, Nathan Oliviera, Richard Diebenkorn, Manuel Neri and David Park.  The painting I attached is a David Park painting from 1950-51.

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