contemporary art terry smith: lucy eyears

Lucy Eyears


What is contemporary Art­?

Socius: a scene

`Contemporary Art is a type of culture that is a key link between mass cultures, localism, and onto globalism. It varies among many of these different categories, which is the appeal to many. In the article written by Terry Smith, he explains the connection with the world becoming globalized and how contemporary art was a big part of that. It has been looked at for many years as a movement that is a description of the arts as a significant whole. It moves away from the look of modern art and becomes more versatile. It reflects upon the historical aspect of art and submerges from the modern era and into a more significant whole era of art, which reflects many cultures.

The art that is presented in Contemporary Art is the real image of how things worked, what was said, and how it was displayed to the world. It creates its own narrative and is considered to be very real. This appealed to many because it was truthful, there was no confusion it was right to the point and displayed the culture, institution etc. In the piece. Terry Smith’s refers to some work as being recycled through different areas such as romanticism, expressionism that allows the art to become more whole.

I agree with a lot of what was said in Terry Smith’s article. I believe that contemporary art is a gateway era where art changed in many ways, which allowed our world to be globalized. What I expect from contemporary art is the artwork from different cultures displaying the real image of what was going on during that time. I expect to see all different types of artwork and all reflecting different parts of the world. I would like to see artwork from all over the world and see how it compares and link it to the idea of globalization. Contemporary Art is a reflection of the history of the world, which allows viewers to understand the reality of that time and what was going on and how people then were feeling.



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