Clyfford Still paper Lucy Eyears

cliff still paper

2 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed your descriptions of “PH77” about how the farmers look like the pain they are experiencing from the backbreaking work. I could tell what painting you were talking about even if I had not known the title. I also thought it was interesting that you brought up the idea of the colored walls the paintings were on. I had not even thought of that until you mentioned it and I think that is a valid statement to make.
    One thing you might want to be careful of is that you have a few fragments that could be worded differently in order to become sentences. It would help your thoughts flow better together if you fixed that. Other than that your paper was very thoughtful and insightful.

  2. I really enjoyed your paper and i especially liked how you related his artistic style to the cultural and economic issues of the time. You paper flowed nicely and was enjoyable to read, save for a few small fragments that might need to be looked at again. I also really liked how you commented on the red wall some of his landscapes were displayed on, and i agree that it had an effect on the paintings themselves. Good paper!

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