Clyfford Still Paper-Romney Smith

clyfford still paper

ARTH 3539

Clyfford Still Paper

Romney Smith

January 28, 2012

3 Responses

  1. I really like that you included where Still was when he painted certain pieces, it adds to how the artist was influenced by his place in life and what was going on around him. The details in your paper are well thought out and show that you spent a lot of time studying Still’s artwork. Great job.

  2. I liked that you included how he did others works other than just paintings. I wish they would have shown some of his sculptures and such at the museum we visited. Also your use of language is incredible Romney! Youre really good with description! I especially liked when you said “The features of the face of the figure on the right in “Ph-77” almost melt into his skin in a state of tired gloom that is exceptionally eerie.”
    Awesome job! And it was fun adventuring to Denver with you! :)

  3. Your essay was very organized and well written. I felt that reading your essay I has a great understanding of your interpretations, which shows that you spent along time studying the pieces and also used the resources available at the museum. Your writing flows! Good job!

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