Heather Nelson – Pollock Thoughts

Learning about Jackson Pollock was extremely interesting. I found it really awesome how he would literally get into his paintings and how he said it was more about painting his emotions that a specific object or person. I also really like how large the paintings are and the all over effect. Although I like paintings with structure I think that the size really allows you to enter into the painting. I think that the size allows the audience to understand the piece more and figure out what Pollock is trying to express. I thought that the way that the characteristics of his work were described was really interesting, especially painting as performance, gesture as extension of body, and rhythm. As music is one of my interest, I think that the use of the word rhythm really brings the work to life and makes the act of painting more understandable.

One Response

  1. I enjoy the work of jackson pollock as well! I recently endeavored on creating my own abstract expressionist painting.. it was a fun experience dipping my fingers in paint and dripping/flicking color across the canvas! Are you a studio major/do you enjoy painting? If so you should definitely give pollock’s method a try sometime! Heres a pic of my painting, let me know what you thiiiink! http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/426866_2297591139275_1834044859_1483311_201686884_n.jpg

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