Heather Nelson-Terry Smith Paragraph

What Is Contemporary Art?

This article goes over this question in detail and describes the different meanings of contemporary art and how although there is a structured definition it is also changing over time. Smith writes that contemporary art is a huge part of our culture and all societies as it has captured the eyes of people all over the world. It has a permanent place in our society and although it is constantly changing and developing, it remains significant to our world, intellectually and economically. Also, contemporary art is not just about physical art. It is a major industry that is connected to other major culture industries such as fashion, design, mass culture, travel, etc. It is an industry that helps these other industries remain economically stable. The importance and interest in contemporary art can be seen through the amount of art magazines, art institutions, art courses in school, and museums there are all over the world. Therefore the definition of contemporary art can also be seen as art in our everyday life; art that is changing as we change as a society.

Smith also notes that although art practice involves certain standards and structure, it does not always involve knowledge of art history. Around the 1980s contemporary art was seen as being focused on painting or a return to painting. However, recently it has been seen through large scale works, photography, video, and digital projections. All of these changes makes people see contemporary art as period-less and is in the moment rather than completely based on history or past ideals of art history. Smith also discusses how standards for contemporary art have changes and decreased in order to cater to what audiences want to see. Museums need to make sure that people are going to be interested in their exhibits so they need to focus on understanding what people like. This leads artists to get more creative with there work which leads contemporary art to be harder to interpret.

Although I am not an art major I have very excited about Contemporary Art. Last semester I took a course on the postmodern and found all of th art work fascinating and am excited to further my art knowledge. I expect to learn about how contemporary art has progressed and to see art pieces that have changed the way people think about it. I am also excited to go to the museums and get more involved in the culture of our city.

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