Clyfford Still Paper- James Stahl

My Clyfford Still paper: The Clyfford Still Museum: The Mythology of Abstract Expressionism and the Fantasy of American Exceptionalism.


3 Responses

  1. Wow. You brought lots of outside research into your paper to really prove your point. Also, I loved the ease that you seem to have with writing papers. For me, I cannot express myself through words and its amazing to read the beauty of your words.

  2. Frank,

    I was really impressed by your paper. Not only were you able to describe the work in detail, using appropriate art language, but you talked about Still’s work in the context of other American Abstract Expressionist painters, questioning their claim to originality. You took this paper in a different direction, and I appreciate your ability to think critically.

    The only thing that I would suggest is to add images so that the reader can get an even better sense of what your are describing.

  3. This paper blew me away. I am impressed by the research and time you must have put into this piece, and the language. Your descriptions and examples are spot on, and are very engaging. The only critique I have is that the descriptions of Still’s work seem contrary to the overall point you make about Abstract Expressionism and its futility against influence. If you incorporated the main idea of your paper into those paragraphs and added photographs for reference, it would have nothing for me to critique.


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