Clyfford Still Paper – Elizabeth David

Clyfford Still Paper

2 Responses

  1. I like how you really described in detail about his emphasis (or lack thereof) on precise line work in many of his paintings. For example, how he chose not to make the lines completely straight in some of his earlier works (such as the factory painting) and chose to make the shapes more organic in nature.

  2. I really enjoyed how you started your paper by giving a brief biography of Still and then diving straight into the paintings instead of breaking it up it made it a little easier to follow and honestly more interesting… I also love how you described each painting in great detail. I loved the wording you used, especially for PH-960 because it was my favorite and the way you described searching for the edge of the texture in between the lighter paint and the bare canvas. The only improvement I could possibly think of is to maybe make the images smaller so they do not break up the pages as much and maybe to develop your conclusion a bit more… anywho your paper is wonderful and I really enjoyed reading it.

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