Danielle Austin. Intellectual Profile.

1. Give some basic information about your studies and fields of interest.

I am a studio art’s major. My main area of study is drawing and other 2D areas. Recently I have been interested in performance art and sculpture as well.

2. Describe an exhibition that you liked or found impressive. Tell us why. Please provide a link to a website, if possible.

In 2009, I went to the Embrace! exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. I found this exhibit impressive because of the intricate installations and large-scale works. I particularly liked Tobias Rehberger’s installation Bert Holldobler and Edward Wilson in the rain. This exhibit was amazing because it was unique, colorful, and interactive. The viewers were able to go inside this installation, which was filled with colorful bungee cords, and move through the closely spaced cords and essentially “play” in the art.

3. Which books did you read of late (art, fiction, non-fiction)? Pick one and go into detail about it.

Some books I have read recently are: Stone Butch Blues, Fun Home, The Passion, and Bent. I enjoyed all of these books but my favorite one was Bent. In this book, which is actually the script for a play, two male lovers in Germany during the Holocaust are taken to a work camp because of their sexual orientation. On the way to the camp, a Nazi soldier murders one of the men because he is wearing glasses. The other man is forced to stand and watch in silence as his lover is killed so that he is not killed as well. While in the camp this young man and another man who he met on the train fall in love with each other. In order to survive, they pretend not to know each other and when either wants to say “I love you” to the other they scratch above their eyebrow. Eventually in the end of the book, a Nazi soldier shoots one of them and throws him in a mass grave. The other is so distressed that he runs into the grave grabs his lovers jacket, puts it on and then runs into the electric fence. The play ends with a man lying dead on the ground wearing a pink triangle on his jacket because he chose not to hide his identity any longer.

4. What are your main interests besides art?

Besides art I love to snowboard and ride horses.

5. Which blogs do you check regularly?

I don’t currently check any blogs regularly but I’m hoping that this class will make me more interested in keeping up with different types of blogs.

6. Which cultural event has really impressed you lately? This can be a museum, a concert, or anything like that, but also a sports game (if you consider this a cultural event for which there are good reasons). Or anything I am not even thinking of … Again, tell us why.

I am unsure if this is really a cultural event but I have recently been paying more and more attention to what I like to call “elevator etiquette”. It is amusing to me to watch people in elevators because typically they all do the same thing. Everyone walks into the elevator and turns around to face the door. If a person gets on who does not face the door the others in the elevator usually think this strange. While in an elevator, most people are usually silent. If there are people in the elevator talking, they usually lower their voices or do not speak until they leave the elevator. Anyone talking to themselves in an elevator is seen as strange and those in the elevator exit the elevator as soon as possible.

7. Please describe briefly an article in a newspaper or a magazine that got you thinking lately. Reading online is fine, and what you introduce here does not have to be about art. If the respective article is available online, please link to it!

I recently read an article about how neutrinos (a type of particle) have been proven to move faster than the speed of light.

8. Please share with us a thought or an idea that really widened your intellectual horizon. Again, this must not be limited to the visual arts. If possible, give a source for this idea so that others know where to go to if they are interested.

I recently read an article in a National Geographic magazine that was talking about the speed of neutrinos (damaging particles that often come off of the sun) versus the speed of light. Recently, scientists have been able to briefly prove that neutrinos do in fact move slightly faster than the speed of light. If this is indeed true, and if nothing should move faster than the speed of light based on the laws of physics and special and general theories of relativity, then it is entirely possible that our laws of physics as we know them at this point in time, have been completely debunked and we are in need of a new set of laws.

9. Have you been to the Denver Art Museum, MCA Denver and BMoca Boulder?

I have been to the Denver Art Museum, the Clyfford Still Museum and I plan on going to MCA in the very near future.

Describe one art object or a show you remember seeing. The show I truly enjoyed to most was the Embrace! show at the Denver Art Museum

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