Hugh Hartigan Clyfford Still Paper

“Having watched the documentary in class last week during lecture, I had formed an opinion about certain works of Clyfford Still.  My favorites of his were undoubtedly the works he did in the mid-30s depicting farm labourers.  I then felt indifferent about the colorfield works he did at the height of his career; nothing about them really drew me in.  However, as the documentary came to a close, I became intensely immersed in the works he did toward the end of his life in Maryland.  In them exists a great simplicity, yet at the same time a keen eye for perfection which speaks volumes.  When I entered the Clyfford Still museum, I was taken aback by nearly all of his works.  While I was still fascinated by the aforementioned works that caught my attention, all of his monumental colorfield paintings made me take a step back, awe stricken.” Continued on: Hugh Hartigan Clyfford Still Paper

2 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed reading how you synthesized PH-80 to show the levels of hierarchy of the labor workers compared to the fully clothed worker. Looking at the painting now, I can see the amount of exhaustion each worker has thanks to your writing.

  2. I completely agree that when I was watching the documentary, I was more drawn to Still’s paintings of farm workers, and felt the same when I saw his abstract expressionists paintings in person. I was taken aback! I feel that seeing them in person, and at such a large scale made so much of a difference. The picture you posted was one of my favorites!

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