Woman Scratches and Rubs Butt Over $30 Million Clyfford Still Painting

“A Colorado woman dropped her pants at a museum and rubbed her rear end all over a painting valued at $30 million, according to police.

Carmen Tisch, 36, was arrested after scratching, punching and, well, rubbing her butt against Clyfford Still’s “1957-J no.2” and causing an estimated $10,000 damage to the artwork at the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver. Police believe she was drunk during the late December incident.

“You have to wonder where her friends were,” a spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office told the Denver Post.

Tisch was charged with felony criminal mischief on Wednesday and has been held on a $20,000 bond since the incident in late December, said Lynn Kimbrough, spokeswoman for the Denver District Attorney’s Office.

The oil-on-canvas abstract expressionist painting was spared additional damage when the woman tried to urinate on it but apparently missed.”


4 Responses

  1. WOW!!! What is wrong with people? This blows my mind as well as makes me wonder if she will have to pay for this artwork! I honestly can’t believe what people have come to these days!

  2. ahahahaha someone didn’t like abstract expressionism.. I personally can’t say that it was my favorite museum experience, but daaaamn that lady is crazy! How did Clyfford Still’s work make you feel?

  3. I heard about this from the receptionist at the DMA after asking why pens were prohibited next door. Totally crazy.

  4. This just made my day. HAHA.

    I went to the Erika Doss lecture last night where I learned about vandalism against memorials and how fired up people can get. I can understand being angry at a memorial that references a social injustice against one’s personal culture, but anger against beautiful art is another thing. How Stills work could induce such behavior is confusing.

    What I would have loved to have seen was the reactions of the other people at the museum when she did that!

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