Christo Incident

I remember a story my high school art history teacher told the class about one of Christo’s works.  In 1991,  Christo’s Umbrella project had to be immediately taken down because the wind uprooted an umbrella and ended up killing a woman.  Christo ordered all 1,340 yellow umbrellas (located in California) to be taken down. In Japan there were blue umbrellas set up. Christo ordered for them to be taken down as well out of respect for the dead woman. I can’t even imagine the guilt Christo probably felt after this happened. It’s unreal.



One Response

  1. What an interesting story. I had no idea that this had happened. What’s interesting to me, beyond the obvious death and Christo’s guilt and respect for the woman, but is the way that is another conversation between man and nature. The way that things that aren’t supposed to be there, nature doesn’t take course and change for them. It doesn’t recognize that umbrellas could be harmful from strong winds blowing them around.

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