Land Art and Minimalism, my humble views

Land art is not just something that I’m impartial to, it is something I dislike.  To me the most beautiful art in the world is a vast untouched landscape.  When viewing the spiral jetty, or the works of Michael Heizer I feel as though I’m staring at a tainted scene.  The great salt lake is beautiful in its absolute vastness.  A little human made spiral just seemed like pollution, an imperfection.  It would be like taking a Clyfford Still painting a slapping on a little sticker.  There are plenty of natural features in the mountains of Colorado that provide a psychological experience far greater than any Heizer work.  In fact, when staring at the pictures of his works, I felt almost as though they were detracting from my experience.  Perhaps you actually have to see them in person, but from the photos I can say for sure that land art is just not for me.

Minimalism on the other hand holds a certain appeal.  For some reason It provides an almost soothing, peaceful feeling.  The fact that you can just observe a row of four cubes and experience a certain emotional reaction is really interesting.  It seems that some of the experience is triggered by the unusual nature of minimal art.  Where else could one find a perfect 6×6 ft cube, or a pair of white blocks in a white room?  The objects provide almost a soothing presence when viewed in person.  They also at times provide some humor.  Yesterday I was sitting in my car at a red light an just started laughing, knowing that there is a giant block of half gnawed chocolate sitting in a museum somewhere.  These are the reasons I enjoy this type of art.

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