Minimalism – Erin Lorentzen

Minimalism is fascinating to me. As I grew up, social settings began to intrigue me because of the way that people acted differently in different “spaces.” A high school student will typically act differently when in the class room verse their bedroom or home verse a sports setting verse the parties. Social standards, although not always followed I do know, began to shape more based on a space than the person themselves. They would change due to the context of the space and the “rules” applied to them in that particular setting.  

When I began learning about Minimalism I connected this same idea of the importance of space, although it is not directly the same. A previous interest caused my appreciation in a round a bout way I suppose, but none the less an appreciation. To be confronted by an object or series of objects that you must read to understand the space around is fantastic. The ever so greatly debated thought of whether or not the artist is a true artist was at first a concern. Yes, there is the understanding that artists make their work and to have it outsourced could be seen in the opposition. But one way I like to look at it is that the piece is not the art. The art is the space that they have created around the around the objects that came from an creative idea inside themselves.

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