Christo’s “Over the River” Project (Jillian Fox)

Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s project “Over the River” has been a highly controversial topic. Just last November, the project was finally approved. This is a project for the Arkansas River in Colorado. It was largely opposed in fear of destroying the environment. Christo’s project entails suspending luminous shimmering fabric above a 42-mile stretch of the Arkansas river. It will only be exhibited for 2 consecutive weeks, so it is temporary, and all of the installation, permitting, and removal costs will all be covered by the artists. This project is intended to highlight the natural contours and beauty of the land and river. The fabric will reflect the natural light creating luminous views both from above the river and on the water. I think this will be a beautiful installation. I see why there are concerns for the environment, however, Christo is an established artist who clearly respects the beauty of land and only wants to make it that much more beautiful. Land art, in my opinion, is particularly fantastic because artists are taking their surroundings of nature and embracing them and working with them to make something unique, powerful, and beuatiful. I do not believe that land artists, like Christo would let the land or environment be harmed whatsoever since the land and natural world is what clearly inspires his art. It is about viewers and those who experience the land being in awe, not in disgust. This interaction of culture in nature is a wonderful composition and all who can experience should definitely do so. I think the project will be a wonderful installation and I think it will emphasize natural beauty and get people thinking about nature in ways that they have not done so before.

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