Times Article on ‘Happenings’

The Pace Gallery in Chelsea will have a show revolving around the ‘happenings’ of the 1960s, which are mentioned in the Dezuze article.  A recent article in the New York Times gave a brief introduction to the show, and there are some interesting quotes from people who actually experienced these happenings.  These photos added a lot to my understanding of what these ‘happenings’ might have looked like, so I thought I would share.

It also got me thinking, how does the medium of film contribute to the concept of a ‘happening’ itself?  Documenting these happenings would detract from their ephemeral nature, and seeing a picture is barely comparable to actually experiencing these happenings.  While I am glad to get a glimpse into these works, I feel guilty, as though I’m not supposed to see it since I wasn’t originally there.

"Sports" by Claes Oldenburg, 1962

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