Thoughts on Bruce Nauman- extra credit

I love Bruce Nauman’s work, especially this piece! I like how he used neon signs to draw the attention of pop culture, but at the same used such a deep meaning quote.  I like how it also resembles Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty.  To me this ties in the idea of nature.  Spiral Jetty was a land work that was created for nature to take over.  So in a way when I think about this quote makes me think about “revealing mystic truths” throughout life, in the beautiful natural world created by God.  It allows the viewer to interpret how they see God’s creation and give them the power to dig deep inside themselves to reveal how they see it personally.  Im one of those girls who sits on the computer looking for new quotes. I instantly fell in love with this one.. and it just might have surpassed the one I was going to get tattooed on my upper should.. oh man!

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