Chris Burden, Shoot, 1971

Here’s the Youtube link to Chris Burden’s Shoot.  It starts around 2:00.  It’s much less dramatic than you would think, I was honestly a bit disappointed.  I think this disappointment goes to show how these pieces talk about relationships, I as a spectator was so detached that I wanted something more from the bullet shot.

2 Responses

  1. This whole thing seems very attention oriented. I continually find myself asking “what the hell is this guy trying to express?”. Art is a way to give people some sort of internal mental and emotional experience. The only thing I experience when I see this is an external feeling of WTF? In ’71 US Marines were getting killed in Laos, and this guy just seems to be making a mockery of the violence. I really am opposed to this “piece”. Really to me this artist just comes off as being an attention whore without any sort of objective. It just really bothers me. I’ve looked at some of his other pieces, and some I enjoy. I just don’t understand why he would do something like this. Well thats my 3 cents.

  2. I defiantly agree with you Maddie. It was a lot less dramatic then i thought. I ad way higher expectations for what was going to be happening. I just don’t understand why someone thinks that this is a way of expressing art and who would want to do this? I think that this could be a call for attention in saying “look at me im going to be shot for the sake of art”. I just don’t think that i will ever understand why this would be enjoyable for people to watch.

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