Performance art & Joseph Beuys, Extra Credit

Joseph Beuys performance piece, I like America and America Likes Me,is something that i actually understand as a performance art piece.  I really can grasp his idea in being from a different country and coming to America for the first time, and capturing that experience in performance art.  I understand performance art as being a way to express yourself through different ways and and to take the meaning of art to a whole new level.  What Beuys did really resonates with me because i believe that he was kind of poking at American culture, but at the same time, was accepting it.  Using the coyote to pretty much display America, i think is perfect, and shows that there are never boundaries in art.  I love how it was completely acceptable for this foreign man to be brought into this installation space by ambulance in such a rush, and then thrown in a closed room with a “wild” coyote.  The way performance art was ran 30 to 40 years ago, was on its own free and uninterrupted path.  There is still some performance art that resembles this imaginative and outlandish approach, but it is controlled to some extent.  This can dull down performance art, but also these restrictions give it new boundaries and barriers  to push through.

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