Postmodernist Art Theory Reading (Rosalind Krauss)-Extra Credit

In the “Postmodernist Art Theory reading by Irving Sandler, there were some ideas by Rosalind Krauss, the editor of the theoretical US art journal called October that I do not agree with. She obviously loved works that embraced mechanical media and especially photography. Yet I feel that her magazine must have been highly opinionated and discriminatory against other art mediums. She opposed artists that painted or produced hand-made objects.

I find this ridiculous because painting has such a rich history in art and although it is very different than photography, it is still equally able to express similar

emotions or ideas that photography can. The other issue I have is that she thinks a photograph must have a caption in order to be understood. She believes “a meaninglessness  surrounds the photograph which can only be filled by the addition of a text.” I highly disagree with this statement. What ever happened to a picture is worth a 1,000 words? I believe a photograph can say so much more than words can because it is showing the viewer rather than telling them. Placing a caption on a photograph takes away from the sheer art element of it because then the viewer does not get to interpret what they want from the photo. Also, placing a caption on a photograph makes it more like media rather than art, because photos in newspapers and magazines usually have captions to help express the idea of it. So depending on the context of the photo, if it is meant to be more artistic, I would say leave the caption out and perhaps a title would suffice. But if the photograph is meant more for media, than I would say let the captions be. However it makes sense that Krauss thinks this way because she likes media and photography over other types of personalized art.

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