Thoughts on Performance Art & then today’s lecture- Extra Credit

In class on Tuesday we discussed Performance Art.  I like the fact that this type of art was brought to my attention.  For example in Chris Burden’s, Shoot, 1971, I would have never thought about being shot as a consideration of an art idea.  This idea of art has endless possibilities.  We see people being shot all the time on television and in the media, and because of it as being apart of the human race we acquire this fear.  The thought of someone allowing himself to be shot in order for the artwork is unimaginable.  It makes me think what could have been going on in the minds of the shooter and in the mind of the one being shot; tension, anxiety, trust, fear, guilt.  The artist captured these feelings and put them into a gallery for the world to ponder from a different perspective.  Then today we discussed how art has come to be found through words.  I am a very visual person, so I don’t know how much I agree with the idea.  To me, nature, art, and a lot of other things in life are so beautiful and so awe inspiring that I cannot think of the proper words to describe them.  Unless the words are written down in a really neat font, I don’t necessarily feel like they can be considered art.  If I am to read something, I get an image in my head, that image is the art, not the words I read.

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