Artist Statements

4'X5' acrylic on canvas

It kind of hurts my eyes, lol. Standing in front of this painting makes me feel hyperactive. This is a visualization of an exact feeling. Not an emotion, but an intense physical sensation.

Artist statements are dynamic. Thoughts change through time and can be factual or poetic. I am a sculpture major with a background in painting. This acrylic painting Pain #4 is part of a sculptural installation that I’m planning for class this semester. The caption for this work is a short statement informing the viewer of how I see the painting; what my motivation was in creating this piece. Artist statements are a vital part of the studio curriculum and in my upper division classes we submit artist statements at the beginning and at the end of each semester. The continual editing process makes revisions stronger.

The only requirements for our artist statements are to submit a one page, double-spaced artist statement. The artist has a great deal of liberty in creating a description about their work or about themselves as an artist. An artist statement is a written representation of a work or a body of work, and it is usually required when submitting applications for shows, museums, graduate programs, and residencies. Generally the format for a statement will include brief information on who the artist is, where they are from, and what they make which will have a list of materials or mediums. One of the most impressive artist statements that I have seen was a slam-freestyle-spokenword performance of CU professor Alvin Gregorio. When he presented his statement during an artist lecture words came to life, the ephemeral portrait of a painter is not bound to a page, this is an experience. Another excellent artist statement is that of Claes Oldenburg. It is fun, creative, unexpected and something that I can read over again, noticing something new each time. Artist statements don’t need to be fancy, or they can be really fancy. It is up to the artist.

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  1. I like the way you perceive artists statements. The task seems unachievable to me most of the time, to define myself and my work in a single page. What I mainly associate them with is writing proposals in order to get your work into a space or get funded. The way that you seem to write about it seem more of an expression of the self within the creative aspect. Change will always be present with your statement, for no artist can say what they do and still be doing the exact same thing decades down the road. (hopefully or how boring would their work become.)

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