Extra Credit thoughts on Postmodernism Art Theory -Ryan Shand

Postmodernism and modernism theories: from readings:
This is a discussion about how the reader has actually influenced what art is and what art wants to do to a very high degree. It is a big shift from conceptual values to more conceptual values and has been extremely influential for the academia arena of art and students. We want to admire the artist for doing something that no one else could, so this changed the value of originality. When we discussed the reading “Postmodernism Art Theory”, we talked about; October gang of art historians and how he thought of it almost like taking art away from being something that everyone can enjoy and making it just a political and academic thing. He is not sympathetic and not outspoken with this art movement: he is writing on the next generation of art history and art theory. The author quotes, “Academics as readers elevate their own importance over artist as authors”, readers of art works are at least as important as the artists who create the work. But what is the importance is not the artist’s intention, but the actual work that comes out of it. If an artist gives a title to a piece of art work then the criticism of that piece of work you need to be somewhat “suspicious of” because it is their role of the piece. Then we discussed if we still lived in a post modernism time, and came to the conclusion that it is a somewhat transition period between this and whatever it next because nothing has been defined and there has never been a clear transformation. It isn’t really it’s own time period like modernism. Post modernism, the reading says there is no post modernism without modernism- but is it only something that is responding to modernism or does it exist and stand on it’s own? This is when throughout all of these movements artists thought out “what is the essence of art” – the two dimensionality of the canvas and the 3 dimensional of art objects and where abstract painting emerges. This is what we call the theory of “modernism” – it is like a construction for a kind of art, but is never like an exact kind of art piece. Throughout all of these discussions and realizations of what art really is, and the type of art; it is clear that their is never an extreme specific and it will always be changing, and that includes the role of the artist, the reader and the art historian.

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