Extra Credit Post Madison Dye

In class the other day we spent some time discussing the importance of art historians versus the artists themselves. One of the articles we read said that art historians are as important if not more so than the artists themselves.

I disagree with the notion that art historians are more important than the artists, but i do think that they are equally important. with out artists, there would be nothing for art historians to do, and all of their theorizing, categorizing and criticizing would be completely useless. However, the artists rely equally heavily on art historians and critics. Critics, art historians, viewers and the artists themselves all play equally important roles in the art world. Artists can produce as many pieces, regardless of aesthetic quality, but without people to appreciate, view, criticize and support them, the art would be almost useless. The art world works in a balanced almost cyclical system. Without all of the parts, the art world wouldn’t continue to function as it does now.

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